Many people say that capitalism is broken and must be fixed. We say that capitalism is not broken, in fact it is working perfectly. For capitalism’s function is the exploitation of the working class, racism, sexism and the compartmentalization of people in order to keep the ruling class ruling.

For a long time socialism has been a taboo word. Perhaps this is because socialism is strengthened by more radical ideologies and tendencies. Here at the Socialist Caucus we believe that we need to stop attacking the symptoms of capitalism and come to overthrow and replace the root of these symptoms, capitalism itself. We are looking to unravel the hegemonic structures that govern this country, such as the two party system and the ever increasing wage gap and wage labor. (Most of the rich do not deserve their money). We want to encourage people to become class conscious and realize that another world is possible, one in which the working class and the oppressed classes are the ones in charge. We are hoping to bring unity amongst the left through socialist ideology. Part of this ideology involves the uplifting and empowering of oppressed people all over the world and supporting these struggles and looking at them through a socialist lens. Capitalism harms many and favors very few, and in particular harms racial minorities those who do not conform to capitalistic structures such as gender. This is the reason for the logo of the Socialist Caucus. Empowerment of the oppressed and education.

This nation is young and nothing is set in stone. What governs us does not have to be permanent, history is now and we have the power to organize and revolutionize what this country means and how it is orchestrated.

We are also going to add our caucus as a chapter within the Democratic Socialists of America. This way we will be part of a nationwide organization and be able to grow on a much larger scale.

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