If you are visiting this page there should be little need to convince you of the desperate situation our country is in. Americans are being racially targeted, women's rights denied, and climate change is being ignored on an admistratative level. We have regressed as a nation and we need your help building up the programs required to fix the mess that the 2016 election has brought us and the crapstorm it will continue to bring us in coming years. Let us set a foundation to build off of together.

The Progressive Caucus is looking for self-starting members to help build the momentum we need to take back our country, starting at a local level. Our two priorities, as a caucus, are promoting equal opportunities for women and oppressed minorities and assisting local progressive candidates win elections. National progressive leaders we endorse include Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Secondary priorities include transitioning to clean energy sources, government sponsored healthcare, and protecting lgbtqia+ rights.

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