Our Network

Dutchess County is in the midst of a Democratic revolution. In the wake of Donald Trump's election, Democrats and Progressives came together in a people-powered movement that shattered one-party Republican rule in the 2017 local elections. This is our family, a motley crew of passionate activists, party organizers, and leaders working towards a better America. 



Red Hook DeMS  |  Dutchess County DemS  |  College DemS  |  Indivisible the Fight is On

While we typically think of the Democratic Party as a single entity represented by the DNC, it's also a vast and tangled network of local parties tied together at multiple levels by representation and election. Bard Democrats is one such local party, sending representation to the Red Hook Democrats, the Dutchess County Democrats, and the College Democrats of New York. These memberships connect us to other Democrats and allow us to coordinate and support one another at the local, state, and federal level.

We are also a member of Indivisible the Fight is On, the Dutchess County coordinating committee for Indivisible, a Progressive grassroots movement on the frontlines of the opposition against Donald Trump.


Other local groups

Hudson Valley Strong (Red Hook Indivisible)

Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance

Indivisible NY19

Citizen Action New York