Be the Change

lead our party

Bard Democrats is in need of good leaders! Below, you may announce your intention to run for President or Vice-President of our organization. You may also form a caucus, a group of students which can send representation to our Assembly in proportion to your membership. Elections for Vice-President and caucuses occur at conventions once a quarter, while elections for President occur once a semester. 

The next Bard Democrats convention will occur in September. 


run for President or vice-president

Elections for President and Vice-President occur frequently throughout the year. Presidents serve for a semesterly term and go up for election in September and January. Vice-Presidents serve a quarterly term and go up for election in September, November, January, and March. 

The President is the chief executive officer of the organization, elected directly by the membership of the organization. They are in charge of the day-to-day operational tasks necessary to the functioning of the Bard Democrats. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the creation and maintenance of an online presence, of political infrastructure and relationships, and of an organizational strategy to implement the priorities outlined in the Assembly. To fulfill these roles, the President appoints a cabinet of executive officers which is then ratified by the Assembly. Presidents are themselves members of the Assembly.

Vice-Presidents serve as the President's executive assistant and may represent the President in his or her absence. The role and duties of the Vice-President will differ from cabinet to cabinet depending on their relationship to the chief executive, but the Vice-Presidency carries legitimacy and authority in their own right – having been elected directly and independently by the membership. The Vice-President stands ready to assume the Presidency should circumstances call for a temporary or permanent transfer of power.

Campaigns for these offices are run by the candidates and may be endorsed by one or more caucus. All candidates who declare before or during a convention for these offices will have the opportunity to make their case to the general membership. Once all statements have been made, voting will proceed using the ranked voting method organized by the Parliamentarian. The counting of votes may be observed by any member of the Bard Democrats who wish to attend.


fight for a cause you believe in

The other major branch of our party system is the Assemby, a body of representatives from students who have organized themselves into groups in order to influence the organization. These groups are referred to as caucuses in the constitution. They are entirely independent and self-governing and may join or leave the organization at any time. Caucuses benefit from the organizational infrastructure, network, and collective action capacity of the Bard Democrats. 

For every three members present at a convention, a caucus will gain one representative in the Bard Democrats Assembly for the following period. For every subsequent three members present, they will gain one additional representative.