For Campaigns


how we can help

Bard Democrats is a party by the Bard Community, for the Bard Community, of the Bard Community. One of our functions as an organization is to act as a conduit between Bardians and political campaigns. We make it easy for students to exert agency in politics and for campaigns to reach the Bard audience.


Our services

Here are some of the services the Bard Democrats offer to every Democratic political campaign in the region.

  • Event-hosting: We can work with campaign teams to organize events on campus and get students to attend them. 
  • Volunteers and operatives: We can direct to the students who would like to volunteer or intern to campaigns, and advertise any opportunities a campaign may have.
  • Advertising: For about $10 (the cost of printing) for each round, we can set up posters around campus advertising campaigns, events, or issues. These will appear in dorms, in the campus center, in academic buildings, and in our dining areas. These could be posters designed by campaigns, or we can take on the design work. 
  • Handing out campaign materials while tabling: We can make available campaign leaflets while we are organizing on campus.
  • Local knowledge: We can take the pulse of Bard students on issues and recount how they are reacting to the messages of campaigns.
  • Mobilizing students to vote: We communicate the importance of local politics to the Bard community, and raise the profile of local races and elections. We partner with Election@Bard to register students and turn out voters on election day.