• Fishbowl, Campus Center (map)
  • 30 Campus Road
  • Red Hook, NY, 12571
  • United States

Why is it so hard to get our voices heard? Why are our politics so inaccessible? Why does it seem like our politicians never listen?

Our group was created with these questions in mind. We are what political scientists call a "mediating organization," an institution created by the community to make that connection between politics and students easier. We have done all of the networking, organizing, research, and power-building so you don't have to. We provide resources to make it as easy as possible to express your views to candidates, vote, and make a real difference politically while you're still in college.

That's what a political party is supposed to be – a conduit between people and politics – but too much of the party structure has atrophied and become the playground of party insiders. At this, our first meeting, we will discuss the role of the Bard Democrats, student leaders, and political parties in the Age of Trump.

We will also hold elections for President and Vice-President. Axel won't be running again this semester, so we need your help to keep this organization going!