Our Assembly


Caucuses are member organization which have chosen to affiliate with, send representation to, and participate in the Bard Democrats. They tend to represent different groups, identities, issues, and philosophies present on campus. They are entirely self-governing and self-organizing, and benefit from the platform and resources provided by the Bard Democrats. Caucuses are represented in the Assembly in proportion to their size. Together, these representatives compose the Assembly and set rules and policy for the organization. 

Caucuses can be formed at any time. Contact chair@barddems.com if interested.

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Jake Lester - Chair

Jacob E. Lester (Mathematics '21) is a native of Brooklyn and Queens, NY. He wants to make politics less divisive and advocates free speech and intellectual conversation/debate. He has experience working with the Sanders campaign of 2016. His priority for Bard Democrats is currently to expand caucuses to represent all walks of Democrat ideology. He is the leader of the Progressive Caucus

The Chair is the elected representative of the caucuses to the cabinet and legislative leader. Jacob can be reached at chair@barddems.com.

Reform Caucus

The Reformers believe that our institutions need to be rethought and revitalized for a new, complex, and uncertain world. We founded the Bard Democrats following a model of pluralism, tolerance, and frank discourse. We will fight every day to rekindle these values in our party and republic.


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • 25% of Assembly

Progressive Caucus

The Progressives are looking for self-starting members to help build the momentum we need to take back our country, starting at a local level. Our two priorities, as a caucus, are promoting equal opportunities for women and oppressed minorities and assisting local progressive candidates win elections. National progressive leaders we endorse include Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Secondary priorities include transitioning to clean energy sources, government sponsored healthcare, and protecting lgbtqia+ rights.


  • Chair
  • 25% of Assembly

Socialist Caucus

Here at the Socialist Caucus we believe that we need to stop attacking the symptoms of capitalism and come to overthrow and replace the root of these symptoms, capitalism itself. We are looking to unravel the hegemonic structures that govern this country, such as the two party system and the ever increasing wage gap and wage labor.


  • 25% of Assembly

labor caucus

The Labor Caucus is focused on the working class and union issues. It is led by Bridie Carey and Ian Ullmann.


  • 25% of Assembly