Who we are

Bard Democrats is a student-run political association, a party for the Bard community, by the Bard community, of the Bard community. We believe that political parties should be volunteer associations brought together by common interest and a desire for collective action, not obscure insider machines which tow the party line.

Our goal is to exert real political power at the local, state, and federal level on behalf of the Bard community by influencing elections and candidate selection, and we need your help.

We are a coalition of different campus groups with diverse backgrounds, identities, and ideologies governed democratically through frequent elections and meetings. What brings us together is the promise of a better future and the interests we have in common as young people.


Our mission

To act as a party of the Bard community, by the Bard community, for the Bard community, accountable first and foremost to the interests and desires of its membership through mechanisms of democratic representation, and to itself through proper checks and balances.

To create an organization which leverages professional organizing, networking, and coalition-building strategies to ensure that our voices are heard in party, local, state, and federal government. 

To foster frank conversations between students on subjects of politics, current events, power, policy, identity, action, and political philosophy.

To offer training and experience in strategies that real leaders, political operatives, and citizens use to carry out effective political action.

To provide students with networking opportunities with top community and political leaders.